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The Multi-Source water

I am a multi-source water with three different sources featuring a unique taste and quality, placed all over Italy: wherever you are, I am always by your side. This allows a shorter transport and a reduced environmental impact. Because the water must not be taken for granted as well as the environment and the territory where we live in. This results in shorter transport routes and, consequently, reduced environmental impact. Because water should not be taken for granted, as well as the environment and the territory we live in.

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In Bosco






In Bosco source

Vera Water IN BOSCO flows pure and crystal clear from the Dolomites. A great slope collects all the waters of the Brenta Dolomites group and Valsugana snowfields. These waters are filtered by the sand and stone layers which confer them their typical natural elements. From here the water takes a long underground path, during which it is purified and enriched, until it reaches the characteristic balance of mineral salts that distinguishes it.

Thanks to these characteristics, this mineral water is recommended in the low sodium diets. The plant dedicated to its bottling is placed in San Giorgio in Bosco, in the district of Padua, and it is the only plant of San Pellegrino Group. The plant of San Giorgio in Bosco develops on an area of 120.000 sq m2


Naturae source

Vera Water NATURAE flows from Apennines, in an area surrounded by steep rocky cliffs and full of forests and wild olive trees. The plant dedicated to its bottling is in Lazio’s region, in Castrocielo and it is a real “smart factory,” whose creation has involved the separation and recycling of all the waste materials, and an aware choice of power sources which include:

  • Solar systems
  • Electric power from renewable sources
  • LED lights
  • Heat recovery and retention systems

The choice of not using fossil fuels and only the granted supply of electric power from renewable sources allows a CO2 zero emission level for the Castrocielo’s plant.


Santa Rosalia source

Vera Water S. ROSALIA flows from Monti Sicani in the district of Agrigento, in a natural place where the human being presence is in balance with a precious landscape.

The plant dedicated to its bottling is placed in Santo Stefano Quisquina, whose operative unit develops on an area of 20.000 sq. m2


Real sustainable

My sustainability and reduced impact on the environment are my main goal because the water is a shared resource, precious and renewable, which needs to be taken care of and protected for the future generations I am responsible for, and I work hard to protect all the water sources and the surrounding territory.


The culture makes the difference

The protection of the water resource in Italy is an important value which goes beyond the respect of the regulations because there is a direct and unique relationship between the sustainability of the activities over the time and the ability to protect the pristine purity of the territory.

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